Products & services

NGGM offers services towards producers of raw biogas (e.g. land fill sites, waste water treatments, biomass digesting companies or agricultural companies) and products towards companies which are buying green gas, CBG or Bio-LNG. (e.g. energy companies, industrial companies, transportation companies).

Services for producers of biogas
NGGM develops solutions to convert raw biogas, e.g. produced by landfill sites,
waste water treatments biomass digesters, into green gas which is suitable
to feed into the gas grid and/or Bio-LNG and/or industrial CO2.
NGGM will realize the biogas upgrading installation at its own cost and risk.

Products for energy, industrial and transportation companies

NGGM can offer you the following products:

  • Green gas which is suitable to feed directly into the national gas grid (delivery via the grid)

  • Green gas which is suitable for cars using natural gas as fuel (Compressed Bio Gas, CBG)

  • Bio-LNG which is suitable asl biofuel for transport vehicles and buses. Bio-LNG is also called Liquefied Bio Gas (LBG) or Liquefied Bio Methane (LBM)

  • Industrial CO2 which can be used in industrial processes and for cooling

The green gas and Bio-LNG are produced in a sustainable way (CO2 neutral)
and even reduces emissions of green house gases (methane and CO2).

For the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Bio-LNG please click here and
for the MSDS of CO2 please click here. These MSDS’s are reviewed by an
independent consultancy office Tenviro Environment & Chemistry (