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> LNG filling stations trucks operational in the Netherlands
> Summit small scale and mid-scale LNG in Amsterdam
> Meeting National LNG Platform
> Share of LNG as fuel for shipping is increasing
> Working group standardization biogas installations
> Small scale LNG conference in Rotterdam
> Safety standard biogas installations NTA 9766 published
> Conference European Biogas Association
> Road map renewable gas The Netherlands
> LNG emergencies training center in Rotterdam

The first LNG emergencies training center in Northern Western Europe will be realized in Rotterdam in September 2014. The location will be opened by Mayor Aboutaleb of Rotterdam.

The training center will be developed by Falck Safety Services. Port of Rotterdam and the Roterdam Fire Brigade are also involved. The location will be Beerweg 101 at Rotterdam Maasvlakte.

Professionals can follow a training in fighting of incidents with LNG. LNG (or Bio-LNG) is used as fuel for trucks and ships. Primagaz will deliver the first LNG for the training.

NGGM investigated the safety risks of Bio-LNG (Liquefied Bio Gas or LBG). For a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of Bio-LNG we refer to the tab “Products & Services” on our website. During transportation of Bio-LNG a truck driver should always have a copy of a similar MSDS available and show it to the authorities upon request.