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> LNG filling stations trucks operational in the Netherlands
> Summit small scale and mid-scale LNG in Amsterdam
> Meeting National LNG Platform
> Share of LNG as fuel for shipping is increasing
> Working group standardization biogas installations
> Small scale LNG conference in Rotterdam
> Safety standard biogas installations NTA 9766 published
> Conference European Biogas Association
> Road map renewable gas The Netherlands

On 6 June 2014 a road map for renewable gas for the Netherlands has been presented during a renewable gas congress in Nijmegen the Netherlands.

This road map presents the renewable gas options until 2030 and contains recommendations to promote the production of gas from fermentation, gasification and power to gas. Furthermore a forecast for the renewable gas production until 2030 has been developed.

The road map has been developed by Groen Gas Nederland, a green gas partner platform for energy companies, green gas production companies, network operators and governmental bodies, together with ECN, RVO and De Gemeynt.

The report can be downloaded at



> LNG emergencies training center in Rotterdam