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> LNG filling stations trucks operational in the Netherlands
> Summit small scale and mid-scale LNG in Amsterdam
> Meeting National LNG Platform
> Share of LNG as fuel for shipping is increasing

The use of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as fuel for ships is increasing. Sea barges, inland barges and cruise ships are using LNG as a clean fuel, which fuel complies with the stricter regulations for emissions of exhaust gases.

In the Nordic countries approximately 50 barges are using LNG as fuel already. More than another 60 LNG ships are under construction at this moment. In Western Europe the first LNG inland barges are operational. Several bunker barges are operational for filling other ships with LNG. The ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp en Amsterdam support the development of bunker locations. Shell intends to develop a network of bunker locations along the river the Rhine.

LNG engines are more silent and the exhaust of fine dust, Sulphur Oxides and Nitrogen Oxides are less. Also the emissions of CO2 can be reduced with 15 percent. When using Liquefied Natural Gas (bio-LNG or Liquefied Bio Methane) the CO2 reduction is even more.

> Working group standardization biogas installations
> Small scale LNG conference in Rotterdam
> Safety standard biogas installations NTA 9766 published
> Conference European Biogas Association
> Road map renewable gas The Netherlands
> LNG emergencies training center in Rotterdam