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> LNG filling stations trucks operational in the Netherlands

Several LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) fuel stations for trucks have been realized in the Netherlands during the past years.

At the moment 9 LNG filling stations (public and not public) are operational in the Netherlands, which are operated by amongst others Rolande LNG (Oss and Tilburg), LNG 24 (Zwolle), Shell LNG (Waalhaven in Rotterdam and in Waalwijk), LNG Europe (Oss), GDF Suez LNG Solutions (Duiven near Arnhem), GP Groot (Alkmaar) and LNG Achterhoek (Geesteren in the east).

The above mentioned parties are developing plans for new projects. Also DCB Energy, Brandoil and International Diesel Service are planning LNG filling stations.

The above mentioned LNG stations are also suitable for Liquefied Bio Gas (LBG, also called bio-LNG or Liquefied Bio Methane).


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