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> Draft standard safety biogas installations NTA 9766 for comments
> TNO: LNG and CNG step forward towards sustainable transportation
> Rolande LNG and Attero start production of Bio-LNG
> Multi functional LNG filling station
> New safety and environment standard for biogas installations
> Overview LNG filling stations for trucks in the Netherlands
> GDF Suez opens new LNG filling station for trucks in the Netherlands
> 5 new LNG filling stations for DCB Energy
> Rolande LNG and IVECO Schouten order 50 new LNG trucks

Rolande LNG (subsidiary of IVECO Schouten) ordered 50 new IVECO LNG trucks, suitable for LNG and Bio-LNG (Liquefied Bio Gas) as fuel. 20 trucks will become available in the Euro 5 EEV configuration in 2013. De other 30 trucks will be delivered mid 2014 (Euro 6 configuration). The trucks can be leased via Rolande LNG or be purchased via IVECO Schouten. At this moment 3 operational LNG filling stations and 90 LNG trucks are operational.

> No tax increase LNG in the Netherlands