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> Draft standard safety biogas installations NTA 9766 for comments
> TNO: LNG and CNG step forward towards sustainable transportation
> Rolande LNG and Attero start production of Bio-LNG
> Multi functional LNG filling station

Royal Rotra will realize a filling station for LNG and bio-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) in Doesburg the Netherlands. This filling station will be used for ships (barges) and for trucks.

When LNG is used instead of diesel, the emissions of fine dust are reduced with 95%, nitrogen oxides with 90 %. In case of fossil the CO2 reduction is about 15%, in case of bio-LNG this is more (till 80%).

These environmental advantages are also the reason that the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen have a started a market survey for the opportunities for LNG in shipping and truck transportation. These cities are situated along main rivers and air pollution from ships are an important environmental issue.

> New safety and environment standard for biogas installations
> Overview LNG filling stations for trucks in the Netherlands
> GDF Suez opens new LNG filling station for trucks in the Netherlands
> 5 new LNG filling stations for DCB Energy
> Rolande LNG and IVECO Schouten order 50 new LNG trucks
> No tax increase LNG in the Netherlands