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> LNG bunkering for inland barges in Rotterdam
> Canadian railways will use LNG as fuel
> 50 LNG filling stations expected in the Netherlands in 5 years

Currently 3 LNG filling stations are operational in the Netherlands (Tilburg, Oss and Zwolle) and 2 not public stations. The filling stations in Tilburg and Oss are realized by Rolande LNG and in Zwolle by LNG 24.

LNG 24, subsidiary of construction company Ballast Nedam, expects that about 50 LNG filling stations are needed in the Netherlands during the coming 5 years. For this year LNG 24 planned stations on strategic locations over the Netherlands, in Duiven, Veghel, Venlo, Roosendaal, Rotterdam, Rijnsburg, Pijnacker and Amsterdam. These filling stations are also suitable for filling trucks with Liquefied Bio Gas (LBG or bio-LNG).

LNG24 leases the ground on existing tank stations and invests in the filling installation and the storage tank. The owner of the tank station receives a fee for each kilogram of LNG sold.

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