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> LNG bunkering for inland barges in Rotterdam

From 1 July 2013 inland barges are allowed to bunker in the port of Rotterdam Botlek (Seine Port). The municipality has changed its port regulations. Rotterdam is the first port in Europe for bunkering of inland barges.

The Port of Rotterdam is preparing international legislation together with the ports of amongst others Gothenburg, Antwerp and Amsterdam. The bunker location in the Seine Port is temporary. This year a decision will be made regarding the location for a new bunker station in Rotterdam to be developed.

The first LNG barges are the Argonon of Deen Shipping and the Greenstream of Shell. Shell will start the use of a second barge from August 2013. Shell also intends to roll out several bunker facilities.

LNG engines are more silent and the exhaust of Sulphur Oxides and Nitrogen Oxides are less. Also the emissions of CO2 can be reduced with 15 percent. When using Liquefied Bio Gas (bio-LNG or Liquefied Bio Methane) the CO2 reduction is even more.

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