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In Haarlem the Netherlands a production installation for Liquefied Bio Gas (LBG or bio-LNG) and green gas has been opened by  deputy of the province Jaap Bond on 1 November 2012. Production has started in October 2012.

The installation, using technology of Gastreatment Services B.V., upgrades gas from a previous landfill Schoteroog and biogas from a sludge digester of a waste water treatment plant towards biomethane. The installation "Schoteroog" is able to inject gas with a quality equal to natural gas into the public gas grid (so called “green gas”) and also to produce LBG which can be used as fuel for trucks. The produced liquid CO2 is used as a cooling medium in the process. The installation is one of the first bio-LNG production plants in Europe and the first in the Netherlands.

Partners in the project are Essent (subsidiary of RWE), Gastreatment Services, Liander, Province Noord-Holland, municipality of Haarlem, Afvalzorg, Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland and Recreatieschap Spaarnwoude.

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