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> New LBG filling station in Zwolle
> Subsidies for LBG project in Friesland the Netherlands
> Development LNG ships
> Lower tax for purchase green gas vehicles in the Netherlands
> The Netherlands one of the main green gas producers
> Dual fuel trucks for use of green gas
> Volvo pilot LBG/LNG trucks
> LBG and LNG solution for marine sector
> Coca-Cola truck driving on green gas
> Liquefied biogas for clean and silent transportation

Vegetable food manufacturer HAK started to use its first truck on LBG (Liquefied Bio Gas). HAK is co-operating with Van der Nat Transport Opslag Distributie from Giessen the Netherlands. This LBG, also called bio-LNG or liquefied bio methane, is produced by fermentation of (vegetable) waste. “We are not fermenting this waste ourselves, but we like the idea that we are using our own vegetables as fuel for our trucks”, says HAK’s managing director Michiel van Ginkel.

In the next years HAK intends to switch to this type of sustainable transportation for delivery of its products to clients. By using biogas as fuel, 80% CO2 reduction is realized in the whole logistic chain. Moreover the trucks are five times more silent than conventional trucks driving on diesel. HAK wants to reduce its carbon foot print in the coming 5 years, amongst others by the use of biogas as fuel.