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> New LBG filling station in Zwolle
> Subsidies for LBG project in Friesland the Netherlands

The European Union, the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation, the province of Friesland, the Northern Dutch Co-operation and the municipality of Heerenveen have granted a subsidy for the production of biogas and Liquefied Bio Gas (LBG or bio-LNG) in Friesland the Netherlands and the use of LBG as fuel in trucks. Volvo dual fuel trucks will be applied, using 25% diesel and 75% LBG. Holland Innovation Team is the project developer. Waste company Omrin and several transportation companies are involved.

> Development LNG ships
> Lower tax for purchase green gas vehicles in the Netherlands
> The Netherlands one of the main green gas producers
> Dual fuel trucks for use of green gas
> Volvo pilot LBG/LNG trucks
> LBG and LNG solution for marine sector
> Coca-Cola truck driving on green gas
> Liquefied biogas for clean and silent transportation