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> CO2 used as cooling medium for food transportation
> New LBG filling stations in 2012
> First European barge filled with LNG
> Petition green gas
> Green Deal for NGGM
> Rotra makes use of Scania LNG truck

Logistic services provider Rotra Forwarding from Doesburg the Netherlands started the use of a Scania LNG truck on 28 September 2011. The truck is converted to a LNG truck by Scania Netherlands.

Rotra is having experience already with a CNG truck (Compressed Natural Gas). LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is the liquid form of CNG. The advantage of LNG is that it is stored with a small volume under low temperatures and high pressure. By this reason more fuel can be transported, which increases the action radius of the truck.

> 12 Volvo FM dual fuel LNG-diesel trucks
> Co-operation for development of green gas established in the Netherlands
> Food transport on bio-LNG
> Green gas filling station operational at BIOS in Haarlem