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> 12 Volvo FM dual fuel LNG-diesel trucks
> Co-operation for development of green gas established in the Netherlands
> Food transport on bio-LNG
> Green gas filling station operational at BIOS in Haarlem

On Wednesday 20 April 2011 Rob van Doorn, elderman Sustainability and Mobility of the municipality of Haarlem, officially started the operation of the so called “slow fill” green gas filling installation at the premises of the taxi and person transportation company BIOS in Haarlem (the Netherlands). The vehicles of BIOS driving on green gas are filled during the evenings and nights. This filling station is in use since January 2011. The green gas is delivered and distributed by CNG Net, a company active in the exploitation of natural gas and green gas filling installations. The use of the clean fuel green gas fits in the purposes of the municipality of Haarlem to become a climate neutral city in 2030.