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> CO2 used as cooling medium for food transportation
> New LBG filling stations in 2012
> First European barge filled with LNG
> Petition green gas
> Green Deal for NGGM
> Rotra makes use of Scania LNG truck
> 12 Volvo FM dual fuel LNG-diesel trucks
> Co-operation for development of green gas established in the Netherlands
> Food transport on bio-LNG

Van der Nat Transport Services established in Giessen the Netherlands started the use of it’s first truck on bio-LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). This truck, an IVECO Stralis with a 270 HP CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) engine, is adapted by IVECO Schouten to use LNG. The advantage of LNG is a higher optimum distance range than CNG. By using bio-LNG the vehicle becomes CO2 neutral for 80 percent. Van der Nat will use the Stralis for food distribution, mainly for the Sligro supermarkets in Veghel the Netherlands. Because the truck complies with very severe noise standards, the truck can also be used during the late evenings and early mornings without noise nuisance for the inhabitants so the truck driver can avoid traffic jams during the working days. The bio-LNG is produced from waste and consists for 98% of methane. Therefor the energy content per kilogram fuel is optimized. The main advantages of driving on liquefied biogas are noise and emission reductions. The truck is five times more silent than a truck with a diesel engine and the truck is three times cleaner than the euro-6 norm, which will become applicable for trucks from 2014.

> Green gas filling station operational at BIOS in Haarlem