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> CO2 used as cooling medium for food transportation
> New LBG filling stations in 2012
> First European barge filled with LNG
> Petition green gas
> Green Deal for NGGM
> Rotra makes use of Scania LNG truck
> 12 Volvo FM dual fuel LNG-diesel trucks
> Co-operation for development of green gas established in the Netherlands

The minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation in the Netherlands, Mr. Maxime Verhagen, has established “Stiching Groen Gas Nederland: (abbreviation SGGN) together with energy companies and energy distribution companies. SGGN ( is an independent organization where gas distribution companies, energy companies, farmers and several authorities work together and join their experiences to speed up the development of the green gas market.

According to Mr. Ulco Vermeulen, chairman of SGGN and also director business development of grid operator Gasunie, this is the first time that competitors are working together to encourage sustainability. The intention is to produce 300 million m3 sustainable green gas in 2025 and that 1.5 million households can make use of this green gas. Several experts expect that 50% of the Dutch gas supply will be green gas in 2050. At this moment the prices of green gas are higher than the prices of natural gas, but this problem will be solved as soon as energy suppliers will start to compete with each other.

> Food transport on bio-LNG
> Green gas filling station operational at BIOS in Haarlem