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> Lower prices for vehicles using gas
> Driving on gas produced from domestic waste
> Filling station Orange Gas Martin Schilder in Haarlem sells green gas
> Iveco Schouten and Rolande LNG adapt trucks from CNG to LBG
> LNG filling station started in the Netherlands

In Oss in the Netherlands, the first LNG filling station of North-Western Europe has officially started. The filling station is a common initiative of Vos Logistics, Mercedes-Benz the Netherlands, LNG Europe, Van Gansewinkel and Indox Cryo Energy. The LNG station is located on the premises of Vos Logistics at the Waalkade 4 in Oss.

LNG is a liquid which is produced by liquefaction of natural gas by cooling it towards -162°C. At this temperature and at atmospheric pressure the gas is condensated to liquid. Liquefied gas takes 3 to 4 times less volume than CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). Therefor a truck using LNG as fuel has an optimum distance range of more than 1,000 kilometers. CNG is a proven fuel which is used in road transport for cars, buses and trucks for many years, while LNG as fuel for trucks is relatively new and unknown. The number of trucks using LNG as fuel is still limited.

“The gas trucks produce 50% less noise and the trucks can also use Liquefied Bio Gas as fuel. Vos Logistics is looking for the right balance between profitability and sustainability, which concept is named Eco Safe Logistics. The use of LNG trucks is part of our goal to reduce CO2 emissions with 20%”, says CEO Frank Verhoeven. “When the project is economically feasible, we will start to replace 50 to 100 trucks”.