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> Lower prices for vehicles using gas
> Driving on gas produced from domestic waste
> Filling station Orange Gas Martin Schilder in Haarlem sells green gas
> Iveco Schouten and Rolande LNG adapt trucks from CNG to LBG

IVECO Schouten has modified a Iveco Stralis truck from CNG (Compressed Natural Gas0 to LBG (Liquid Bio Gas). This modification has been realized together with Rolande LNG. Rolande LNG is specialized in the area of delivery of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and LBG for road transport. Until now several studies have been published, but no trucks were actually using LBG as fuel.

IVECO Schouten and Rolande LNG have realized this Stralis LBG truck by adapting a Stralis CNG truck (which is delivered this way “ex works” by Iveco) to a truck suitable for the use of liquefied gas. Rolande LNG delivers the specific knowledge, the special tanks and the heat exchangers.

During the modification the CNG tanks on the trucks are removed and replaced by one or two cryogenic tanks for the storage of the extremely cold LNG or LBG. The temperature of the LBG remains low because of the vacuum insulated tanks with double walls. The optimum distance range of the truck is more than 1,200 kilometers

> LNG filling station started in the Netherlands